Diószeghy-Villa Siófok/Széplak/Ezüstpart, apartmanház, magánszálláshely.

Siófok/Széplak felnőttbarát szálláshelye. Stúdió-apartmanok, szobák kiadók + 4 személyes bungalow. szezonálisan.Wifi, klíma, Sat TV, medence, teakonyha. A szálláshely csak 6 éven felüli vendégeket fogad, és bulizásra nem alkalmas.








                           Dear Visitor. Welcome on our Page!



 In 2014 we reduced our prices in pre-season, and off-season. Newservices for old and new guests. With our new pricing we are inviting our old and new guests alike for a great experience. We also have the following for our guests: Pool,Sauna, garden solar shower, sunbeds, air conditioning, Internet access, heting and kitchenette in room


From Siófok 5 km. Balatonszéplak-alsó you will find aurvacation resortog highquality, decorates rooms with in the sommer time, where you can relax in a family atmosphere, all those who want to relax. We have 5 rooms for our guest. 3 rooms do have double beds, 2 rooms has 1 double bed + 1 person bed. For your needs, the + person will pay for the adition bed only 50% for room rate.


 We want to thank you for taling your time for couple of short minutes to read our information about our place.


 Every room has a bathroom, toilette, vanity with warm and cold water and shower, also a kitchenette, where you have micro oven, toaster etc...if you want food to your room, can be arranged from the menu list. 


 Smoking in public places including resorts is not allowed but we have outside especialy a place for smokers. We thank you for your understanding.




 The apartments have only final cleaning for which we charge €20./apartments. Every guest will make his room clean and carry his garbage to the designated place.


 We have additional terasse for our guests with candle light where you can have pleasant time of watching TV, listen to radio, use your laptop, our internet, in your room, you have also WIFI possibilities, we have   hair dryers for the guest, you can press your close too, if you wish, have WIFI(WLAN) conection who wants it.


 Parking by the pensionon the street. (Free).








300 m. from resort you can bath or just enjoy the sun. Free strand and restaurant. We have buses to Siófok 100 m. from out resort, to go in to the city. So come in, visit us,we are a friendly bunch and you be glad you come. We greet our guest with drinks by arrival.




Minimum booking: Off season 2 night,High season 6 nights.




 No smoking in the rooms or in the building. Smoking permitted on the balkonies only. (Each room has its own balkony).




I am only able to accommodate children seven years and over, but I am able to recommend low cost apartments that are suitable for the under sevens.




 This place is for relaxation and rest, we try to provide a peaceful atmosphere for our guests so if you have parties in mind please book eisewhere.








         Extend my love and friendship to all my old and new guests.

























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